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A few years ago, a book titled "Men Like Chubby Women" published by a French doctor and nutritionist drew attention. As the title suggests, it is a book that examines why men like plump women, what is the normal body type of women, and what is the true charm of women who appeal to men. These days, there are cases in which some women are overly absorbed in dieting. In other people's eyes, it's a "healthy body," but they rush to lose more weight. What kind of problems are there?

Pierre Dukan is a French physician and nutritionist. It is a bestseller that summarizes protein-oriented diet methods and has caused a global "duckang diet" craze. His diet method was popular not only among French women, but also among Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Giselle Buncheon, and the British royal family. He, a world-renowned diet expert, said, "Women with normal bodies are suffering unnecessary pain."

Some women yearn for skinny women in the mass media and suffer from diet obsession while not actually being fat. He argues that a model-thin body is a factor that reduces women's sexual attractiveness. It is not that men like fat women, but that they "feel more sexual attraction in a plump body with a round curve unique to women."

In a recent issue of the journal Korean Society for Food and Culture, 40.4% of Korean middle and high school girls with normal weight perceived their body shape as "a little fat." Even though they were underweight, 15.4% of the respondents said their body type was "normal," 이지알바 and 2.0% said they had gained a lot of weight. It can be argued that women in the mass media are thin and slim, giving teenagers a distorted body image. This misconception was worse in normal-weight girls than in low-weight girls.

Studies have recently shown that slightly fat people live longer. A slightly fat person can also be helpful in treating the disease. When you can't eat due to chemotherapy, you can take out fat and protein stored in your body and use it as energy. Underweight is dangerous in cancer treatment. Myopia is life-threatening. However, it does not apply to being too fat or abdominal obesity. The risk of disease is high and treatment is difficult. However, this cannot be generalized because individual differences are severe. It can be used for reference.

The Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures obesity, is currently a controversial survey method. Academics argue that BMI, which is divided by the square of height, should be changed according to the body type of Koreans. It is continuing to emerge from the medical community. In March, when 47 percent of Korean men, or about half of them, were obese, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's National Technical Standards Institute's "8th Survey on Korean Human Dimensions" was also based on BMI standards. If the BMI is 23 to 24.9, it is classified as overweight, and if it is over 25, it is classified as obese.

Due to some of the eyes that emphasize skinny body, adolescents in their growth period often engage in excessive diet and damage their health due to nutritional deficiencies. The same applies to adult men and women. Thighs with strong muscles are good for preventing diabetes by helping control blood sugar even if they look fat. Even if you are hospitalized in an accident, you are treated well and discharged quickly. The French doctor's claim that men like chubby women may apply. You don't have to be ashamed of your 'chubby' figure. It is important to make your own healthy body.

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